Osmosis Contest 2020


We are excited to announce a special contest for our Osmosis youth participants who have been taking part in our Osmosis program of events this year.
This will provide an opportunity to showcase the work of our talented Osmosis youth that have been working with us
and give them an opportunity to experience the process of entering a contest
or an exhibition.

IWSCA will be accepting entries for the 2020 Online Osmosis Show beginning

December 1st through January 15th, 2019.

All entries must be received by midnight EST January 15 th, 2020 to be
considered for jurying. This deadline is firm.

The finalists and awards will be posted on the IWSCA website (www.iwscanada.ca) by
March 1 st. 2020.


  • Each Osmosis youth may submit one (1) or two (2) digital images for inclusion in the

show.  There is no entry fee.

  • The digital entries must be in jpeg (jpg) format no smaller than 1 mb.  Smaller

images do not allow the Awards Juror to zoom in to see painting details.

  • Label your digital images as follows: Painting Title_ ArtistFirstName_ArtistLastName-Age.jpg

(Example: Mist On The Mountain- George-Brown-16.jpg)

  • Eligible artwork is restricted to watercolour only and must be created by the

Osmosis youth without guidance from their mentor.

  • Please email your entry to iwscanada@gmail.com with Osmosis Youth contest as the subject.
  • Please only enter if you have been buddied by one of our IWS CAnada members this year. We will not be accepting entries from any youth who is not part of our program.

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