Youth Membership for the Under 18’s

IWS Canada is excited to offer free youth membership for the under 18’s.

At IWS Canada we really want to encourage our youth to continue learning to paint in watercolour and to build up a real community of youth artists around Canada. Because of this we have decided that any child who is less than 18 years old can become a youth member of IWS Canada for free.  Once they reach 18 years of age and would like to continue to be a member, they pay the reduced $20 youth membership fee until age 25 when they become a full adult member.

Free Youth membership for the under 18’s can be  in the form of an individual membership or a school or art club can join as a group youth membership.  For both forms of youth membership please email with

  • name(s) of child/children
  • dates of birth and current age
  • name of town/city in which they live
  • Province/territory
  • Adult email contact if child is under 15 and state relationship to child (e.g.parent/grandparent/teacher). If child is 15 or over they may give their own e mail also.

Youth membership for under 18’s includes:

  • Access to an online group on facebook where the youth members can share their watercolours, get support and guidance and form friendships with other youth members around Canada.
  • The option to enter any contests run by IWS CAnada for the youth.
  • The option to enter any contest  for the youth organised by one of the 100+ branches of IWS around the world.
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