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IWS is an international watercolour society that promotes peace, love, and tolerance through art. Art has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people. It brings people together and IWS Canada’s mission is to do just that – to unify those who live to create and also those who love art. Help us to spread some love around our world today.

Upcoming deadlines:    Online 3D Gallery October 29th

“Giving Light to the World” – 1st North American Online Contest October 1-31st

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We are very pleased to announce the first ever IWS North American Online Contest! Open to all members of IWS Canada, IWS Mexico and IWS USA branches.

For November, let’s take things TO THE EDGE!
Why not try out a new style, subject or technique you’ve been afraid to tackle until now?
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Our latest IWS Magazine has been published.

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Announcing the Winners of IWS Canada’s Osmosis Youth contest for children under 18 years


Click HERE to find out more about our Contest Winners, Runners Up, Honourable Mentions and Noteworthy youth Artists.


Our Osmosis event has been very successful. Our members have worked hard to help  to share our love of and hopefully pass on our enthusiasm for  watercolour to the younger generation!

Our IWS Canada members  buddied with youth and infused their love of Watercolour to the younger generation. We had over 50 youth around Canada, Aged between 3 and 18 years old, who  loved their introduction to watercolour. Have a look through this album to see some of things they have been doing.

This was Christopher’s first visit to the
Opus Art store in Vancouver. He was
excited to also try the Winsor Newton
paints and paper!


Celebrating the season with Jennifer
Claveau’s buddy and opera rose paint.


It is our good fortune to be sponsored by Da Vinci.
Mentors and buddies alike are enjoying their adventures
with Da Vinci paints. #davincimoment


One of Roberta Luchinski’s buddies
learning to mix colours.


Spring cards by Alice Bottrill’s Osmosis


Pandas for Mother’s Day from our
Vancouver buddies.


Susanne Nason’s paint buddy, Jordis, &
her mom unleashing their creativity


Jordis, her mom, and Susanne Nason visited By the Sea, Gallery
Gifts and Art Supplies. A special thanks for opening the store for this visit
on a Monday which would normally have been their day off .


Showing initiative and keeping it in the family…painting at home
between Jennifer Claveau’s Osmosis sessions!


Rylin in Cambridge, getting ready.


A creative youth in NB is
pleased with the Bokeh Technique.

Alice Bottrill and her Osmosis group, creating some fall themed paintings.