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We are planning a joint event this fall of 2018 with the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour!

First of all, a really huge thank you to our sponsors, without whom none of this could happen!

It’s called:

A Symphony in Watercolour


September 28, noon to 5 pm, Boynton House, Richmond Hill

Exhibit Locations  (please click MAP to see these and more):

  • Boynton House & Richmond Green  HOURS
    1300 Elgin Mills Road East
    Richmond Hill, ON L4S 1M5
  • Burr House Gallery & Tea Room HOURS
    528 Carrville Rd,
    Richmond Hill, ON L4C 6E6
  • Later in exhibition, The Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts HOURS

Names of finalists

Detailed explanation of all the events that will be happening during the first five days of the exhibition

Please note: the David Dunlap Observatory excursion on October 1 has been cancelled.

Even more detailed information about the whole exhibit if you have decided you want to go!

The information for the Exhibition is summarized in the graphics below.  See the links above (or scroll down further) for more detailed information, and also check out our blog (best to subscribe!) under the heading Upcoming Events and News.

Summary of 'A Symphony in Watercolour' Exhibition
The painting in this graphic is ‘Inner Symphony’ by Ona Kingdon, CSPWC, NWS, TWSA, IWS Master – President of IWS Canada. (Subject is Jessica Kun, the artistic director of the Richmond Hill Philharmonic Orchestra.)
The painting in this graphic, Colour of Music, is by one of our jurors, Anne McCartney CSPWC, AWS, TWSA

Note: David Dunlap Observatory excursion on October 1 has been cancelled.

Symphonic Watercolours is a special presentation for our exhibition, featuring exhibition images set to specially selected live orchestral music!


Also new as of December 2017, we have two levels of membership: Friends and Paid Members.

In 2017, we asked watercolour artists from around the world to help Canada celebrate its 150th Birthday. Over 1450 artists submitted their work. We are delighted to present the 150 finalists.

All the paintings are the copyright of the individual artists. Please do not use or reproduce without their permission.

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‘A Symphony in Watercolour’

Location Map for ‘A Symphony in Watercolour’
Hours for Exhibition Venues

Details of Five Day Celebration Event

Click on the heading above to view the pdf of our 5 day event (summary is in graphic below)

The painting in this graphic, Colour of Music, is by one of our jurors, Anne McCartney CSPWC, AWS, TWSA

If you have decided to go, here is some more information you might find useful.


Symphonic Watercolours is a special presentation for our exhibition, featuring exhibition images set to specially selected live orchestral music!

Jurors: Peter Marsh CSPWC, OSA, SCA, TWS, Anne McCartney CSPWC, AWS, TWSA and Rainbow Ze (youth juror)


(Each list is in order of date entry was submitted for processing)

Canada (Age 25 and over)

Nola McConnan   In the Hall of the Mountain King
Merv Richardson  Sunday Morning
Micheal Zarowsky  Canal Landing Venice
Diane Beaulieu  Abandon
Zan Barrage  Haliburton Sunrise
Tiina Price  June Melody; November Lament
Lianne Todd  Last Light Near Goat Rock
Karen Levert  Pretty Cardinal
Yekaterina Kudritskaya   Summer Song of Peonies
Michelle McAnsh-Gervais  Stacked
Anthony Saldutto  Rays
Shawna Lampi-Legaree  The Sweetness of Life
Bonnie Steinberg   A Lawren Harris Mystery House
Michael Solovyev   View from Parc Dalhousie
Stephen Yau   Red Barn
Penny Lamnek   Time To Sleep
Ron Hazell   Symphony #9
Barbara Simmons   First Light
Nancy Newman  White Roses
Margaret Roseman  Tuscan Rooftops
Frances Hessels   Jason
Roy Tibbits   Winter Sentinels
Garry Hamilton   Introspection
Brigitte Schreyer   Peonies from Prague
Virginia May   Good Day Sunshine
Donald Pentz   Coastline Nova Scotia
Susan Chater   Amber Jug
Maria Denise   Ruby Field of Dreams
Thomas Young   Alberta Falls Colorado Rockies
Vera Bobson   Catch Me
Helen Shideler   Country Garden
William Rogers   Matinee Duel
Barbara Farren   Sleeping at the Airport
Margo Blackell   Autumn’s Child
Bhupinder Singh   Lakeshore Drive Cyclist
Shirley Scoble   Kitchen Kaleidoscope
Shelley Prior   Afternoon Delight
Rex Beanland   Early Morning Welcome To Calgary
Conny Jager   Under the L
Barbara Eguchi   Rhythms of Kensington

International (Age 25 and over)

Shan raza amrohvi      Pakistan      Buzkashi game 2
Ira Kukrusova      Russia      From Childhood
Régine Le Sourd      France      Enivrante
Alan Brain      UK      Screen
Shirin Nematzadeh      Iran      Pink flowers
Jan Min      Holland      Romance
Teng fei      China      Milan Square
Sun Jiangang      China      The stone beach under the sun
Kashinath Das      India      View of Chandni Chowk, Delhi
Kiryanova Victoria      Russia      Orchides
Alena Kruglova      Russia      Fog on the Lake
Hang Chen Lin      Italy      African Queen
Ingrid Lefevre      Belgium      Juana Kitchenworker in Santiago de Cuba
Lorraine Watry      USA      Fun and Games
Yelena Iokton      Kazakhstan      Hunter
Besnik Xhemaili      Kosovo      The Garden
Lana Privitera      USA      Some Wrinkles to Iron
Anne Abgott      USA      Wait Your Turn
Hung_ Bui Thanh Viet      Viet Nam      Quiet River
Marilyn Wear      USA      Spring Fantasy
Jacques Villares      Spain      Madrid 70’s
Mykhailo Rychkov      Ukraine      Evening in Quebec
Alexandra Bryksa      Czech Republic      Elegance
Donald Leung     Hong Kong    The Old General Post Office, Hong Kong
Kelly Leung      Hong Kong      Galata Tower
Md. Kauser Hossain      Bangladesh      Urban Life of Dhaka
Carrie Waller      USA      Peace and Longevity
Anna Ivanova      Russia      Bayaders
Mohammad ali Yazdchi      Iran      White Flowers
Diana Gorbach      Belarus      Tea With Viburnum
Corinne Izquierdo      France      Pecheur du Sud
Frank Spino      USA      Red Grapes in B Mom’s Bowl
Sai Priya Mahajan      India      Within
Jansen Chow      Malaysia      Night Market

Raul Saria     Singapore     Breeze Besides the River  (People’s Choice from Facebook album contest)

Youth (Under 25, International and Canadian)

Rose Butler      Canada      Born and Raised
Anum Ashraf      Pakistan      Calm
Yong-Ching , Jhang      Taiwan      Smile at the ago of 19
Ayush Milind Walekar      India      Bliss of Duo
Alexandra Troop      Canada      Colourful Loon

Invited Artists

Winning Artists of the “150 Ways to Celebrate” Exhibition

David McEown      Canada      Iceberg #11
Emily Read      Canada      Kasa
Gail Sutherland      Canada      D’Aubins Cove
Richard Tiejun Chao      Australia      A Thinker
Jose Apaza      Mexico      Cantera (quarry)
Moe Win      Myanmar      Padaung Old Woman
Mrinal Banik      Bangladesh      Nature

Attending Jurors and Presidents and Vice Presidents of Societies

Ona Kingdon      Canada      Inner Symphony
Rayne Tunley      Canada      Winter Serenade
Atanur Dogan      Canada      Ready to Shower
Peter Marsh      Canada      Prospect Point Spectacular
Rainbow Tse      Hong Kong      Early Night
Anne McCartney      Canada      Colour of Music

Elizabeth Irvine Canada Bertholdo

Ze Ze Lai      Hong Kong      Every Morning is a New Beginning

Special Mentions

While the following paintings were not finalists, our jurors felt they deserved special mention.  They will not be exhibited physically but will be featured on the website during the festival.

Canada (Age 25 and over)

Wilfred McOstrich      All things bright and beautiful
Fariba Fahimi      Fruits
Zan Barrage      Evening Call
Kim Yong      Madrid
Trisha Scarlett Milne      Great Egret
Anthony Saldutto      Rays 2
Rosita Law      Awaiting
Valentine Ioppe      Reflection of Life
Weiqi Zhou      lush grass
Lin Souliere      pacific coastline
Nancy Newman      Svolvaer, Lofoten, Norway
Maggie Grace      Rust Sleeps
Karin Richter      Mountain Symphony
Martha West Gayford      The Poet
Jeannine Desmarais      The Iron Horse
Margaret Roseman      Still Life with Pears
Frances Hessels      Gary
Roy Tibbits      Winter Barn
Adrian Greene      New York
Adrian Greene      The Oil Lamp
Gill Cameron       Reflection
Gord Wilson      Haliburton Winter
Margaret Ellis Nachshen      Al Fresco a Piacere
Virginia May      Spring Tapestry
Ada Wong      Vantage Point
Valerie Harper      A Moment in Time
Marlis Saunders       Regatta #3
Thomas Young      Big Muddy Badlands Colour Harmony
Julia Purcell      Chestnut Tree House, Charlottetown PEI
Lori Dreyer Spendiff      Another Day
Donna Jo Massie      Summertime
Stella Xiaohuan Dai      Niagara on the Lake 3
Deanna Beaujot      Best Not Feed the Pigeons
Gantulga Tumendemberel      January 1st
Farid Ahmadi      Shopping Centre Isfahan
Josephine Sherman      Treasures of Late Fall
Margo Blackell      Autumn’s Apple
Bhupinder Singh      Wakaw Canola Fields
Marlene Madole      Three Sisters Italian Prune VIII
Conny Jager      Melancholy Monday
Zoya Tavangar     A Woman’s Life
Alice Bottrill       Bluenose II

International (Age 25 and over)

Shan raza amrohvi      Pakistan      Buzkashi game
Ira Kukrusova      Russia      Breathing
Alain PAGE      France      Tachkent, Mosquée Tilla-Cheick
Alan Brain      UK      Gossip
Shirin Nematzadeh      Iran      Yellow Flowers
Katerina Kovatcheva      The Bahamas      The Fisherman
Malcolm Rae      The Bahamas      A New Day
Kashinath Das      India      Top View of Amir Place, India
Kiryanova Victoria      Russia      Flowering Branch of a Lily
Thongterm Turuntaviriya      Thailand      Garden House
Julie A. Schroeder      USA      Arctic Ice Inukjuak
Anne Abgott      USA      Marshalls
Graciela Koch      Argentina      Evolution
Jacques Villares      Spain      Alaskan Fiord
Svetlana Reshetova      Russia      Golden Ball
Mykhailo Rychkov      Ukraine      After the Rain
K.P.Maggie      Hong Kong      Light of Silence 5
Mahnaz Ramezani Paskyabi      Iran      Spring Bee
Mariana Tomyn      Ukraine      CN Tower View. Toronto.
Roman Kharevsky      Czech Republic        Landscape
Ng Chen Seng      Malaysia      The hometown boat (serial 4)
Tasnim Piya      Bangladesh      Colours of Mind
Abdul Halim Bangladesh Reborn
Aulikki Nukala  Finland  Listen to the nature
Sergiy Lysyy  Lithuania  Venice                                                                                     Mohammad ali Yazdchi      Iran      Pink Roses
Charmé Southey      South Africa      Mr. Giraffe
Aniket Mahale      India      Peep of Day
Moumita Ghosh      India      Melody of the Himalayas 2
Ksenija Koloskova      Switzerland      Rooftops in the Morning Haze
Corinne Izquierdo      France      La clé des champs
Loretta Hamilton      USA      Jar of Jordans
Ana Radivilovic      Lithuania      White and Tender
Elio Cerchiara      Italy      Sacrifice
Irina Rebnitskaya      Finland      Jazz
Amir Abbas Zarghami      Iran      Colors Symphony
Nidia T Noriega      Mexico      Through Time
Sai Priya Mahajan      India      Poise

Youth (under age 25)

Dr Madhumeeta Banerjee      India      Divine Hues


David McEown      Canada      Above the Pass 2013
Emily Read      Canada      Fluidity
Gail Sutherland      Canada      Evening at Broad Cove
Moe Win      Myanmar      White Roses

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors again for supporting us in so many ways that will make this a great festival to attend!