Members of IWS Canada

As of March 1, 2018, IWS Canada has over 5000 people who like our Facebook page.  We have around 200 members at the Friend of IWS Canada  level, and this page lists our (new as of December 2017) IWS Canada Paid Members.  For details about membership types and the privileges accorded to them, please visit our Membership Privileges page.

Members are listed here in colours according to their provincial/territorial  location in Canada.   Blue is BC, Orange is AB, Amber is SK, Lime is MB, Turquoise is ON, Teal is QC, Green is NB, Red is NL, Purple is PE, Sky Blue is NS, Magenta is YT, Light Sky Blue is NU, Maroon is NT. International members of IWS Canada are listed as gray.

New members will be added on a weekly basis – please be patient!  Thank you.