Who We Are

IWS Canada is part of an international network of watercolour societies.

The International Watercolor Society (IWS Globe): Our Mission

Art can bring people together despite differences in race, religion, culture and distance. Through the medium of Watercolour our mission is to promote peace, harmony, love, understanding and acceptance of each others’ differences. Diversity is the strength that will help us to build a better society through our mutual love of watercolour.

Since its inception in 2012, IWS Globe has become one of the largest art societies in the world with branches in around 100 countries worldwide. IWS provides a platform where  watercolour artists may shine, regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status or experience.

Over the last few years IWS  has celebrated watercolour with international festivals and workshops in many countries. Our plan is to continue building on increasing the exposure of watercolour bringing artists together from around the globe and, at the same time, increasing the exposure of watercolour to the public and setting an example of how diversity can be a strength, not a weakness as we can pool different ideas, share our mutual love of watercolour, share and learn from one another.

We hope IWS will become instrumental in teaching and passing on techniques and inspiration to a new generation of watercolour artists by including the youth, and as such future artists in the medium.

IWS has joined hands with many art corporations and companies worldwide. With their help, cooperation and interest, we hope to show advancements in the field and dispel the outdated notions that discredit watercolour.



President of IWS Canada: Ian Wright

Vice President: Luan Quach

Past President: Renee Lippa

Treasurer: Vacant

Secretary: Vacant

Regional Directors: Peggy Burkosky

Youth Director: Rose Butler

International Director: Coral Chen

French Translation: Ingrid Lefevre

Media Manager: Cynthia Cabrera

Marketing & Events Coordinator: Vacant

Regional Directors: Peggy Burkowsky

Youth Director: Rose Butler 

International Director: Coral Chen

IWS Globe President: Atanur Dogan 


British Columbia: Peggy Burkoski & Celinda Stevens
North West Territories: vacant
Alberta: Tracy Lee
Saskatchewan and Manitoba: Thomas Young
Southern Ontario: Gord Jones and Nancy Newman
Northern Ontario: vacant
Quebec: Christiane Fortin
New Brunswick: Helen Shideler
P.E.I: Julia Purcell
Nova Scotia: Janet Clattenburg
Newfoundland and Labrador: Luanne Dominix
International Rep: Ingrid lefevre

The International Watercolour Society of Canada (IWS Canada) is a Registered Not-For-Profit organization and was Founded on November 24, 2014 by Alain Godbout, Lianne Todd, Alfonso Tejada and Atanur Dogan.

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