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Although not officially a sponsor, we would like to make a special shout out to JOTFORM,
Their site has been indispensable for the management of IWS Canada over the last 2 years.

Jotform.com is our go to website for all our submission forms. It’s a great tool to accept data and files when compiling a membership, art exhibit or feedback. They have a very generous basic level they offer for free allowing to use it for basic needs and then upgrade as you see fit. Their database is very useful for recording necessary information from applicants, and you can export a spreadsheet with many different file options!

So for anyone creating a gallery, exhibition or database on artists and their work, we highly recommend Jotform.com 

Ian Wright

President – IWS Canada

Special thanks to Da Vinci paint company for providing watercolour sample packs to be given out to the youths participating in our “Osmosis” mentoring program.

We were so pleased by the willingness of all these companies and organizations to help us out with our festival in the fall of 2018.  Details about how each one is helped us are featured in our blog posts. Thank you!!

Check out the fabulous awards shown below and described in our blog posts (click on the photo to connect to its blog post):

Brushes from Rosemary & Co.
Three Daniel Smith Awards
Five Da Vinci travel palettes
Four Love and Peace Awards by Richmond Hill Creative Eye
Three Escoda Brushes Awards
De Serres Award
QoR Modern Watercolour Award
Three awards from RockWell and Eureka Global Art – some include trips!
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