Sponsorship Opportunities

We are currently seeking sponsors for a joint IWS Canada/CSPWC International Festival of Watercolour which will take place from September 28 to October 28th, 2018.

The festival will feature a juried exhibition in Richmond Hill, Ontario, of about 100 Watercolours by artists across Canada and around the world. There will also be a collaborative performance of music representing different cultures, with the paintings projected as a visual component to the performance on a large screen behind the orchestra. There will be workshops and demonstrations by top watercolourists from around the globe, plein air painting at key locations around the York Region, and an opportunity for the public to meet and talk to artists from around the world and watch them at work.

Sponsorship Package

This is a custom sponsorship package based on each company’s or person’s  individual interests and tailored to your unique needs. Choose what appeals to you most and we can work out your level of sponsorship from there.

Here are some ideas of potential benefits available to begin the discussion.

  • Each sponsor will be paired with exhibiting artist(s) by the IWS leadership team.  The artist(s) will thank the sponsor in person, on social media, or on their website. The sponsor will be granted permission to use a web jpg of the artist’s’ piece on their website and social media page.
  • A photo, or short video, of a business of your choosing included on the CSPWC and IWS Canada facebook pages and the IWS Canada website.
  • Have your name/business Logo or advert in main exhibition booklet. The size of advertisement and where in the booklet the advertisement is placed depends on value of sponsorship.
  • Your logo, contact details, and depending on value of sponsorship, a written paragraph about your business on the IWS Canada website with a photo and contact details.
  • There will be an opportunity for art stores/ distributors to demo watercolour materials/products during the event. These supporters will also be able to sell their merchandise/supplies to participants and visitors at the exhibit.
  • Logo of all sponsors on a large laminated poster that travels to the various physical venues, exhibits etc throughout the festival.


  • All sponsors will receive a personal Invitation to have a representative attend the festival and have a space where you can leave promotional business cards throughout the event.

We need your help to:

  • Provide art materials and/or funds for  Exhibition awards. As a thank you we will name the award after your company or your chosen name if award is given in memorium.
  • Contribute towards flights for winners so they can receive their award in person. As a thank you we will In return, depending on amount contributed, place your name/name of company on our website, place a promo video on website. If cost of whole flight given the award also named after the sponsor as above.
  • Donate decor of loose or arranged floral displays and in appreciation a sign will be placed in the exhibition space with your logo or name and a thank you from IWS Canada and CSPWC as well in the  exhibition catalogue.  The donated pieces can be displayed with a business card with the price of the item and can be for sale during the exhibition.  The IWS Canada committee will handle these sales free of commission and reimburse the providers.
  • Provide refreshments for official opening of exhibition / awards evening.  As a thank you  we will place a sign in exhibition space with logo, name and a thank you from IWS Canada and CSPWC.  Each sponsor participating will also receive a poster for their business indicating the support they have provided in this international venture.
  • Providing venues for our international artist visitors to paint/experience Canadian Culture (As a thank you we will place a short promo video of your venue on the IWS website before the event. We will also do a facebook live event from your venue during the event and place photos of the event on our website and facebook pages after the event with an active link to your web page.)
  • Help with printing costs of full colour exhibition brochure. Depending on the amount of sponsorship funds, your company’s name will be in the exhibition catalogue, either a quarter, half or full page.
  • Print banners/ posters for the event. Your logo or business name will appear on the banner or poster.
  • Discounted accommodation for visiting artists. As a thank you we will place a short promo video promoting your hotel on the IWS Canada website and on social media.

We look forward to hearing from you

Please e mail iwscanada@gmail.com with

  1. Your name
  2. Your business /company name if applicable
  3. The area(s) you are interested in helping us with and the monetary amount if applicable
  4. In order of preference what you would like to get from the sponsorship