Featured Member – Shahram Sinaei

Our next featured member of IWS Canada, Shahram Sinaei, is an international artist from Iran.  He is the holder of a M.Sc Degree in the field of Civil Engineering – Concentration from Islamic Azad University Najafabad Branch/2000.

Shahram’s painting techniques include Niello, Watercolor, and Pastel, his professional art activity starting in 2001 with the late master Poursafa, Mr. Aslani and Mr. Yaghini who is one of the late Yervand’s pupils.
In fact, he learned composition and color class in the presence of Mr.Yaghini and the drawing class in the presence of Master Emadi, one of Pardis Art University professors.

Eight exhibitions, counting the most recent one at the Golestan palace Museum, have featured Mr. Sinaei as an established artist.  The paintings’ themes are jobs, sights, buildings, flowers, nomads and migration.  They are in the style of Esfahan and refer to the Qajar period until the present.  It is worth noting that the founder of Esfahan style was Master Reza Abbasi:  it mainly refers to him and has related to people’s daily life and jobs more.  Also, the details in this period are more remarkable than before.

Below is an example of Shahram Sinaei’s watercolor work.  To view more, please visit his website.

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