A Little Extension

Dear watercolour artists,

Thank you so much to those who have completed their entries to our exhibition, A Symphony in Watercolour, taking place this fall in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

For those of you who still intend to enter, and are feverishly painting, and photographing your paintings, and wishing you had just a little more time…. we have good news for you.

We also need a little more time.  We’ve had such a volume of entries these past few days, it has been a challenge to keep up.  Added to that are some frustrating technical difficulties with payments, etc.  As a result, we’ve realized we need just a little more time for processing.  So, we have extended the deadline for the entry emails to 6 pm EDT on March 21, instead of March 20.

So, for those last minute people out there, you have 24 more hours!

Read the guidelines to make sure your entry is complete.

IWS Canada Symphony in Watercolour deadline extended 24 hours.

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