Featured: 1st Place National Winner

‘Lake Superior Shoreline #3’

From Antarctica to the North Pole and with great emphasis on the Canadian wilderness, artist David McEown celebrates some of the most beautiful, yet fragile, natural heritage of our planet through the creative act of painting.

After graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1992, David spent his last 2 years off campus pursuing independent studies at the Algoma School of Landscape Arts based in the remote wilderness of Northern Ontario.  After completing these studies he stayed several more years teaching and wilderness guiding.  For his body of work done in this Lake Superior region steeped in indigenous culture and Canadian landscape painting history, David was awarded the Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation Grant in 1994 and again in 1999.

Also in 1999, he was elected a member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour for which he served as a director from 2002 to 2007.

David’s work has received national and international awards, in various juried shows.  His most prestigious award came in 2005 with the A.J. Casson Medal from the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour.

Since then he has earned a reputation as one of Canada’s most accomplished and travelled landscape watercolourists, represented with paintings in many public and corporate collections worldwide as well as articles published in numerous magazines.

From 2005, David has focused his art on the polar regions, a journey that led him to circumnavigate both the Arctic and Antarctica.  On board research vessels and polar class icebreakers, hiking, and even skiing to the North Pole, he continues to work on a project witnessing and recording the beauty of a world that is rapidly changing and disappearing.

Through the spontaneity of watercolour and letting the forces of nature participate in the painting process, his paintings emphasize the sense of impermanence and change.

David loves to paint on location, a way to meditate and connect with the landscape, but he also loves to share his art in the studio by teaching.  Since 2002, he has been leading workshops at the Royal Ontario Museum, and is sought after by prestigious art clubs in Canada.  Internationally, as part of various artist-in-residence programs, he has been sharing his enthusiasm and unique way of seeing with participants from all over the world.

A talented speaker and performer, David is also very keen to share his passionate multi-media presentations and watercolour demos, hoping to communicate and bring an awareness of the wonders of our planet.

To view his paintings and journeys visit his website


David is also on social media ,

Facebook at davidmceown

Instagram at  davidmceown

Finalists announced for ‘150 Ways to Celebrate’!

We are pleased to present the 150 finalists of our online watercolour contest, chosen by four renowned jurors, from 1450 entries and over 80 different countries around the world.  Please enjoy these excellent watercolours.  You may see the beautiful video presentation  constructed by our IWS Canada President Ona Kingdon, and all the winners and finalists, here on the page devoted to the contest.  We have also announced the results on Facebook.

Congratulations to all the finalists and especially to our winners!

Thank you to all who entered our contest.

Closure and jurying of our ‘150 Ways to Celebrate’ contest

IWS Canada’s Facebook online watercolour contest opened on Canada Day and closed on August 31 at midnight EDT.


Now it is less than a month until our contest results are announced on October 1! This gives us time to make sure all entries are seen in the best, fairest, way possible.

Our way of processing the 1450 entries from over 80 countries so they were coded, means primary judging is done by vision alone, without knowledge of artist or country. We have an established set of guidelines and deadlines for the jurors to follow, and when jurying is finished, Ona Kingdon, our president, will have enough time to put together a beautiful video of the 150 finalists and the 8 winners to be ready October 1.

We can hardly wait to show you the final selections!


This Summer

IWS Canada 'celebration' poster1a

Please read through the information below and start planning and painting your idea ready to upload when the contest opens in July.
Details of how and where to upload your painting will be given on our Facebook Page when the contest opens.
Please do NOT upload your painting before July 1.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

150 ways to celebrate
150 façons de célébrer

​The IWS Canada team is excited and happy to announce our first IWS Canada Facebook Contest!!  Our theme will be  ‘Celebration’ as it is Canada’s 150th birthday this year

So, how can you capture the theme of
​’Celebration’ in watercolour? Think about how you celebrate… what, where, when, and why you celebrate. You could depict an actual event such as a birthday, anniversary or a national or cultural holiday, or capture the emotions felt when celebrating through your use of colour or light. We want to see what you imagine when you think about celebration.  You can show us in any way you like, as long as it’s with watercolour!

This contest will be open from July 1 to August 31, 2017. We will e mail you details of how to upload and enter your painting on July 1st. This information will also be posted on our IWS Canada facebook page at the beginning of July.

Rules of entry:

·         Artists 15 years of age and above may submit one (1) piece of art (any size)
·         Each piece should be no less than 90% watercolour on paper, watercolour canvas, aquaboard, gesso coated paper, or yupo.
·         Each piece should be an original of the artist…not a copy of another’s painting or photo; nor should the entry have been done under instruction or in a class/workshop; the piece should also have been done in the last 3-5 years

From all the received on-line entries, our panel of jurors Ona Kingdon (Head of IWS Canada), Rayne Tunley (President of Canadian Society of Painters Watercolour), Atanur Dogan (President of IWS Globe) and Lok Kerk Hwang our invited International guest juror will select a total of 150 finalists (in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday).

The jurors will then choose 1st,  2nd  and 3rd  International AND 1st ,  2nd  and 3rd  Canadian winners! They will also choose one (1) International youth winner and one (1) National youth winner (youth selection will be from those artists between 18 and 25 years of age) . All 8 winners will receive a certificate and get automatic entry of one painting into our physical exhibition in 2018 and for the six (6) adult winners, an opportunity to demo at the 2018 Exhibition!!!!

All 150 finalists will be included on social media in a beautiful slide show video for everyone to see which will be published later this year.


L’équipe de IWS Canada est fébrile et très heureuse d’annonce son premier concours    Facebook.  Le Canada célèbre sont 150 ième anniversaire cette année,  nous avons donc cru bon qu’il était de mise et approprié de choisir la thématique ‘’Célébration’’.

Alors comment représenter le thème ‘’Célébration’’ à l’aquarelle.  Pour vous aider dans votre recherche, réfléchissez à la façon dont vous célébrez.  L’endroit, la raison, la journée.  Vous pourriez illustrer un anniversaire, une journée de fête nationale, une fête culturelle ou même une émotion ressentit lors d’une célébration en utilisant la couleur comme sujet.   Vous pouvez nous partager cette thématique de la façon qu’il vous semble bon, tant qu’elle est représentée à l’aquarelle.

Règles d’entrée :

–       Les artistes de 15 ans et plus peuvent soumettre un (1) œuvre.
–       90% de l’œuvre doit être à l’aquarelle soit sur papier, canevas, aquaboard, papier recouvert d’un gesso ou papier yupo.
–       Chaque œuvre doit être un original peint par l’artiste participant.  Ne sera accepté aucune copie provenant d’un tableau ou photo appartenant à un autre artiste, aucun œuvre effectué avec l’aide d’un professeur lors d’un cours ou un atelier.  L’œuvre soumis doit avoir été créé lors des 3 à 5 dernières années.

De toutes les œuvres reçus, notre panel de jurés Ona Kingdon (présidente de IWS Canada), Rayne Tunley (président de la Société Canadienne de peintres en aquarelle), Atanur Dogan (Président de IWS Globe) ainsi qu’un juge international invité sélectionneront un total de 150 finalistes (en honneur du 150 ième anniversaire du Canada).

Par la suite, les juges feront une sélection des 1ers, 2ièmes et 3ièmes gagnants internationaux, ainsi que du 1er, 2ième et 3ième gagnants Canadiens.  De plus, ils choisiront un (1) jeune gagnant international et un (1) jeune gagnant national;  (la sélection des jeunes artistes se fera dans la catégorie de 18 à 25 ans).
Tous les huit (8) gagnants recevront un certificat et le droit d’exposition d’un œuvre lors de notre expo physique de 2018.  De plus, les six (6) adultes gagnants auront l’opportunité de présenter une démo lors de l’expo 2018.

Tous les 150 finalistes seront inclus sur les médias sociaux dans un vidéo diaporama qui sera publié plus tard cette année.