Featured: 3rd Place International Winner

‘Happy Nuns’

Moe Win, from Myanmar (Burma), lists artist Sai Myoe Myat as his art master, and his favourite medium as watercolour.

His other awards include the 1996 Visit Myanmar Year Logo Design award, and Second Prize in oil painting portrait at the Myanmar Traditional Arts Contest.

Moe’s activities include work as a secretary in Shan State Art Association, and he is a member of the New Treasure Art Gallery in Myanmar.


  •  -2017 -Peace and Love : East and West Art Exchange Exhibition.
  •  -2017 -Cherry Space  Art Exhibition. Myanmar Artist Organization.
  •  -2016 -Eleventh Anniversary of Artist U Thu Kha Exhibition.
  •  -2015 -Eighteenth Transparent Watercolor Movement Society 
  •  -2015 -Colour of the height Summit Art Gallery Exhibition.
  •  -2014 -New Treasure Art Gallery Monthly Exhibition.
  •  From  1987 and now on many local art exhibitions.