Watercolour News from the BC region

GREETINGS FROM North Vancouver! 

Dear BC/IWS CANADA Members, 

Hope you have been very busy preparing for a great year ahead in your Art Practice, but not without first taking temporary refuge in some warm place in the world during our Canadian winter… I certainly did just that! February saw me taking advantage of many warm tropical strolls by the beach in my beautiful hometown of Acapulco, Mexico, after a marathon painting session preparing for a solo exhibition here in Canada.

Did you go anywhere this winter that you may like to share some pictures for inspiration to all of us?

Have you been working hard in a series of paintings or preparing for a show, or simply did you make a painting that turned out amazing and you would love to share? 

Here is some important information I would like to share with you today as well as some of my pictures that may inspire you to paint.

Please remember I am always open for suggestions and also always available to you should you need anything within my reach, or anything you want to share with us regarding your Art Practice… workshops, exhibitions, etc. please share! 

Growing together in Art! 

Celinda Stevens



Watercolour ContestDeadline EXTENDED until March 20 This event promises to be the event of the year. Organized by Coral Ye Chen from IWS International Director and Sponsored by the City of Port COQUITLAM.Let BC be represented with YOUR painting! 
In person WORKSHOP with Alice Bottrill and Atanur Dogan was a great success. Make sure you don’t miss it next time!
This is my Solo Exhibition showing until March 29 in Vancouver, hope you have time to drop in and enjoy… You missed the reception but the show is still on! CHARLES CLARK ART GALLERY @Strange Fellows Brewing1345 Clark Drive, Vancouver5pm-9pm Monday to Friday12noon – 9pm Saturday & Sunday

Visit Celinda’s Art Show!

Are you a member of IWS Canada, or IWS Holland who would like to expand your horizons and pair up with a painter from another country?

Brush Pals is a great opportunity to strengthen bonds with another watercolour painter, starting with members in Canada and Holland.

The aim of this program is to build friendships and move towards an exchange trip to each other’s respective countries.

If you are interested please send an email to iwscanada@gmail.com by April 1st 2020. The directors of IWS Holland and IWS Canada will pair up members who are interested and let you know by May 1.

Brush Pals Canada https://youtu.be/p4eRzoLBSk8

Brush Pals Holland https://youtu.be/HI9CnSbbfBo

Jan Min, IWS Holland https://youtu.be/L_k3uQksnQQ

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