GREETINGS FROM North Vancouver!  


Dear BC/IWS CANADA Members, 

Hello everybody and so happy to feel the sun warming up in all areas of British Columbia… some of you may also be getting ready for some Plein Air painting and I hope all your new adventures are successful. 

Did you know that the last Sunday of every month the IWS Canada has a “Show & Tell” open to any member that would like to show their latest piece of art or get critique, or simply admire and participate to support others. This is a great way to connect with other artists that may be having the same challenges that you are or share or your successes too! The invitation usually comes by email to participate via Zoom. I encourage you to try it and participate. 

I have a few workshops and events to share, but if you have an Art event or you are giving any workshops coming up that you want me to pass on to others, digital or live, please let me know, our community will grow by supporting each other and we will all benefit from it! 

Last but not least a warm Welcome to Heather Mersey from West Vancouver, our newest member in BC, so happy to have you as part of our growing group!

As always I am available for any suggestions you may have and let’s paint and have fun!!!

Growing together in Art! 

Celinda Stevens


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