Featured Member – Alain Godbout

Alain Godbout is one of the founders of IWS Canada, and served as a Co-Representative from 2014 to early 2017.  He specializes in landscapes and scenes from everyday life.

Alain J. Godbout est un aquarelliste spécialisé dans le paysage et les scènes de la vie quotidienne.  A l’occasion il propose des dessins à l’encre de chine et des toiles d’encaustique.

Originaire du Bas-St-Laurent et éduqué à Montréal, il habite Gatineau depuis 1976. Après une carrière comme conseiller en management, il est maintenant à la retraite. Alain possède une formation générale en arts obtenue au moment de ses études collégiales, mais demeure un aquarelliste fondamentalement autodidacte. Il a eu l’occasion de parfaire ses connaissances et techniques au cours d’ateliers avec des aquarellistes reconnus dont David Kearns, Terry Madden, Jean Pederson, Roland Palmaerts, Jacques Hébert et Pierre Tougas. Ses tableaux ont été acquis par des collections privées au Québec, au Canada, aux USA , en GB et en Afrique.


« En ce qui me concerne, l’aquarelle est le plus beau medium pour communiquer efficacement l’émotion et les sentiments. Il a l’avantage d’être flexible, rapide d’exécution, mais surtout capable de toutes les teintes, effets et textures imaginables . En tant qu’aquarelliste, mon style est représentatif et reflète une technique dérivée de la peinture à l’huile que j’ai pratiquée au cours des années 1960-70.  Je favorise la création fondée sur le dessin et le jeu des masses dans la composition. Mes aquarelles sont marquées par une souplesse du coup de pinceau qui prend des distances face à la minutie de l’illustration hyper-réaliste. J’ attache une importance cardinale à la composition et je cherche à faire une place centrale à l’émotion dans la représentation des personnes et des objets.  Mes tableaux doivent se caractériser par une recherche constante de la lumière et le recours à une palette de couleurs vives ».

Affiliations :

  • Membre fellow de la Société d’Aquarelle d’Ottawa
  • Membre International Watercolor Society (Canada)
  • Membre du Conseil des Arts d’Aylmer
  • Membre de la Ottawa Arts Association
  • Membre de  Art-East Ottawa

Below is an example of Alain’s work.  For more about Alain, please visit his website.

Featured Member – Anthony Saldutto

Anthony Saldutto is a Canadian artist who paints landscapes as well as scenery.
Experienced in watercolours and oils for over 30 years, Anthony’s attention to detail is what draws emotion from each piece. His work creates a sense of familiarity and incites a sentimental moment that resonates on a personal level to each viewer.
Although born in Toronto, Anthony, moved to Italy as an infant and then returned at the age of fifteen. It was early in life when he knew that art was very much a part of his ambition. He pursued his talent by studying Graphic Design.
Law enforcement also attracted his attention influencing his decision to join the Toronto Police Services.
After 30 years of service Anthony is retired and focuses much of his free time on his passion for painting.  Anthony’s paintings have been reproduced as limited editions and sold throughout Canada and the United States as well as for various charitable organizations. They have been featured in magazines and newspapers and are proudly displayed in private homes, police and government buildings throughout North America and Europe.  Anthony continues to produce original pieces that represent new experiences as well as portray the inherent beauty of nature in the way he knows best, with his paintbrush.
  • Toronto Watercolour Society (Member)
  • York Region Arts (Member)
  • Toronto Police Service (Member)
  • CSPWC (Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour) (Associate member)
  • Artists in Canada (Member)
  • TWAC (Toronto West Arts Collaborative) (Member)
  • International Watercolour Society
  • American Watercolour Society


    • Bayview Watercolour Society  |  May 2015  |  First Place, Best Landscape
    • Bayview Watercolour Society  |  May 2015  |  People’s Choice Award
    • Richmond Hill Group of Artists  |  Nov 2015  |  People’s Choice Award
    • TWAC ART SPACE @ the CNE Juried Art Show 2016  |  Sep 2016  |  Winner watercolour category
    • Ken Bromley International Cover Page Art Contest | March 2017 | International Finalist
    • TWAC ART SPACE  CNE Toronto | Aug 2017 | Top five Finalist Watercolour
    • International Watercolour Society Art Contest | Oct 2017 | International Finalist
    • Toronto Watercolour Society ( Aquavision Art Show) | October 2017 | Peoples Choice Award


  • City of Etobicoke
  • Toronto Police Board
  • International Association of Women Police
  • Steven Sloan (Writer/Publisher)
  • Toronto Police Widows and Orphans
  • Canada Custom Services

Below is an example of Anthony’s work.  For more about Anthony Saldutto, please visit his website.

Featured Member – Art Cunanan

Now that entries for our exhibition this fall are closed, we can breathe a little easier and get back to featuring those artists who have joined IWS Canada as full members.  We are so grateful for all the entries – over 300 from 32 different countries!

Born and educated in the Philippines, Art Cunanan immigrated to Canada in 1976. Excited at the prospect of pursuing his passion for painting, he enrolled in workshops to gain knowledge of the business of Art in Canada. Today he lives in Southern Ontario with his wife where the surroundings abound with beautiful subject matter. “If only we would stop and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.” It has served him well as most of his paintings depict rural Ontario.

From oil to watercolor and acrylics, Art has proven that he can handle all three mediums very well. Being more at ease with watercolors, Art conducts workshops all across Canada, United States and Europe using the medium with expertise.

“I love nature; it inspires me all the time. Light dominates my paintings, it makes them alive. Being able to paint is a gift, sharing this talent is God given.”

Art is represented by galleries in Canada. Most of his work is in private and corporate collections in Canada, USA, Australia, Philippines and Europe. Art B. Cunanan is also an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in WaterColour.

Below is an example of Art’s work.  For more about Art, please visit his website.

Featured Member – Gord Jones

Gord Jones has always been an artist. After experiencing many different mediums such as oils, pastels, acrylics, even egg tempera he returned to his greatest love, transparent watercolour.

Gord has sought direction throughout his artistic career from many of Canada’s most loved watercolourists. He has always found visual communication speaks clearest, even though his interpretations leave room for the viewer to explore and most importantly, participate in the conversation.

He focuses on taking familiar life as subject matter while commenting on the everyday aesthetic of nature and how light describes its many forms. Gord seeks to increase the dynamic between audience and author by objectifying emotional reaction and transferring that sense of space.

Gord is an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour, The Society of Canadian Artists, the Niagara Frontier Watercolour Society, The Haliburton Arts Council, the Rails End Gallery, and is Ontario”s representative of the International Watercolour Society. He is represented by various galleries in Ontario and participates in selected exhibitions throughout the year.
After cottaging in the area for over 30 years, Gord and family have recently made Haliburton their home.

Below is an example of Gord’s work.  For more about Gord, please visit his website.

Featured Member – Shahram Sinaei

Our next featured member of IWS Canada, Shahram Sinaei, is an international artist from Iran.  He is the holder of a M.Sc Degree in the field of Civil Engineering – Concentration from Islamic Azad University Najafabad Branch/2000.

Shahram’s painting techniques include Niello, Watercolor, and Pastel, his professional art activity starting in 2001 with the late master Poursafa, Mr. Aslani and Mr. Yaghini who is one of the late Yervand’s pupils.
In fact, he learned composition and color class in the presence of Mr.Yaghini and the drawing class in the presence of Master Emadi, one of Pardis Art University professors.

Eight exhibitions, counting the most recent one at the Golestan palace Museum, have featured Mr. Sinaei as an established artist.  The paintings’ themes are jobs, sights, buildings, flowers, nomads and migration.  They are in the style of Esfahan and refer to the Qajar period until the present.  It is worth noting that the founder of Esfahan style was Master Reza Abbasi:  it mainly refers to him and has related to people’s daily life and jobs more.  Also, the details in this period are more remarkable than before.

Below is an example of Shahram Sinaei’s watercolor work.  To view more, please visit his website.

Congratulations Anne McCartney!

We shall interrupt our series of featured members with this bit of breaking news:

Our IWS Canada Regional Director, Anne McCartney, has received news today that her painting ‘Art for Art’s Sake’ has been selected for the Gold Medal of Honor, i.e. the top award, at the American Watercolor Society’s 151st juried international exhibition this year.

Says Anne, “I am black and blue all over I can’t stop pinching myself”. This is the kind of excitement  all of us would feel in her position.  The award itself is worth, aside from the prestige, $4000 US.  The exhibition takes place at the well-known Salmagundi Club in New York City from April 9 to April 28, 2018.

We are truly thrilled for Anne, and so lucky to have her on our team.  In addition, she will be a juror for our own IWS Canada/CSPWC international exhibition ‘A Symphony in Watercolour’, this fall in Richmond Hill, Ontario.  The deadline is March 20 – don’t forget to enter!

Featured Member – Zan Barrage

Colors flow into each other creating shapes and volume. A burst of light here, a touch of deep shadows there. Zan Barrage paints not just what he sees, but also the mood and what he calls the taste of the moment. Zan’s artwork is an exploration of light on the Canadian Landscape. He explains it this way: “There is a certain temperature to the light up here, a crispness that is uniquely Canadian. It speaks to me in a harmony of colours. Delicate but savage. Rich but not overwhelming – elegant. I hope it comes through in my work”.

Zan’s journey in art began in war-torn Beirut where he grow up in the 1970’s. Music, poetry and painting were his escapes from the reality around him. He was seven when he got his first watercolour box. A tin box with tons of chalky colours and a horrible brush to go with it. He would sit for hours blending colours, attempting to paint the world around him as it fell apart. Today his box is filled with artist quality paints and his brushes are sable and squirrel. “My tools have changed” He explains, “but the journey is still the same: A love for colours and light, and an epic struggles to put these faithfully on paper.”

Classically trained in his youth at the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts 1969-1975, Zan is the recipient of several art awards. He is also the founder and past president of Ontario Plein Air Society, a group of Ontario painters dedicated to painting the Canadian landscape from life. Zan is also a Master Artist member of the International Watercolor Society. When asked which artists influence his work he is quick to name them: “Homer, Whistler and of course Sargent”.

Zan Teaches watercolours at three visual art schools in Ontario Canada. He also leads travel workshops to Europe and the Caribbean Islands.

Below is an example of Zan’s work.  For more, please visit his website.

Featured Member – Tiina Price

Our third featured member is Tiina Price, an award-winning watercolour and ink artist in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

Her work has featured in

Tiina is the secretary of  IWS Canada. She is an active member of many art organizations including the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (associate member), Central Ontario Art AssociationKitchener-Waterloo Society of Artists, Cambridge Centre for the Arts, Diversity Artists, and Studio 30.

Tiina attends and hosts workshops given by noted artists such as David McEown, Karlyn Holman, Linda Kemp, Doug Mays, Gordon MacKenzie, Ken McFarlane, and the late Jack Reid, to refine her skills and challenge her perceptions.

Travels to northern Ontario and Europe inspire her work, which is characterized by use of colour, mood creation and representational style.

“Painting watercolours allows the nuances of nature to unfold. I am continually intrigued by the play of light on water, the shadows in foliage, the changeability of skies and the vibrancy or subtlety of colour. As a medium, watercolour permits me to experiment capturing transparency and form. My paintings celebrate not only the energy and vitality of life, but its serenity and harmony.”

Educated at Queen’s University, the University of Waterloo and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Tiina is a former educator.

More of Tiina’s work can be found at her website.

Ice Goblets by Tiina Price

Featured Member – Esmie Gayo McLaren

As mentioned in our previous post, in the coming months we will be featuring the new full members of IWS Canada. The order in which they are featured is a simple reflection of their promptness in responding to our suggestion that they allow us to do so.

Vancouver-based artist Esmie Gayo McLaren , our second featured member, approaches art as an extension of her experiences. Her love for gardens, dance, people, and travel provides infinite inspiration, translating to paintings filled with sensitivity and movement. Each painting is a combination of instinctive and calculated interaction between her and the image.
McLaren is based in Vancouver, Canada, a metropolis of varied cultures. The lines are often blurred between her art and community work as she enjoys bridging cultures through her art.

Below is an example of Esmie’s work.  You may view more at her website.

Watercolour on Paper

Featured Member – Roy Tibbits

In the coming months we will be featuring the new full members of IWS Canada.  The order in which they will be featured is a simple reflection of their promptness in responding to our suggestion that they allow us to do so.

Our first featured member is Roy Tibbits.

Self-taught watercolour artist Roy Tibbits began painting in 1990 and is an active Member of the “Federation of Canadian Artists”.  Roy’s art has been selected in a number of juried shows at their gallery in Vancouver B.C.

Roy’s paintings were featured in the March/April 2004 and March /April 2007 Issues of “Art Avenue” a Federation Of Canadian Artists publication.

Roy has had his work selected into the Thompson Nicola Shuswap juried show for 2014, 2015, 2016, & 2017.

Roy’s work has been frequently selected  as a finalist in the “Art of the Automobile ” competition, sponsored by the “Automobile Journalists Association of Canada, with works traveling to various cities.

Roy is an associate member of the “Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour.  In 2006, three of his paintings were submitted to the “Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour Atlantic associates” juried show where one received “Best Building Category” and the other two received “Honourable Mention”.  In 2015 Roy’s work was selected to the 90th “Open Water” international juried show.  In 2016 Roy’s work was selected to the 91st “Open Water” international juried show, with “Old Comrades” winning the S J Sloan Award .

In 2015 two of Roy’s works were accepted into the “Society of Canadian Artists” 47th national juried show at the “Gainesborough Gallery” in Calgary Alberta.

In 2016 Roy was elected in to the “Society Of Canadian Artists “.

In 2017 one of Roy’s paintings was accepted in the “Society of Canadian Artists”  juried show “Oh Canada-Our Home and Native Land” at “Gallery 78” in Frederiction New Brunswick.

Here is an example of his work.  More can be found at his website.